Six Figs Farm

Website: sixfigsfarm.com

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We produce eggs like your great grandma enjoyed. Happy chickens do indeed make better, more nutrient-dense eggs. We raise our chickens on pasture, inside movable electric fencing. Our laying chickens happily chomp on weeds, insects, and supplemental certified organic feed. Fresh water and fresh air round out their lives.

Our small farm is working toward sustainability and certified organic status. We sell pastured chicken eggs, and pastured goose eggs in season. We hope to have elderberries, pecans, figs, asparagus, mixed vegetables, duck eggs and honey available in the upcoming season.

We use only organic methods; deep mulch, cover cropping, inter-cropping, companion planting, worm castings and our own composted chicken manure to build our soil, always working to increase nutrient density in everything we grow. Our chickens scratch and fertilize our soil in the off season.

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