Bread and Butter Farms

Website: www.breadandbutterfarms.com

We are a young educated couple full of fire

and purpose from a generation of farmers and leaders.

Daddy Jimmy lived to be 103 years old and farmed on 88

acres up until the day he died. Grandpa Reynolds grew up

as a sharecropper until he owned his own farm. Grandpa MC farmed his whole

life and his father and our great grands all tilled and toiled the land.

Working with the hands to provide for their families and

their communities, in heat or cold. Some of our parents would only pause

from farming to fight wars. Finally here we are, taking

knowledge passed down throughout our lineage

to provide for ourselves and our children. While utilizing sustainable practices

that have been ingrained in us by our elders. They taught us

to eat and live off the land while respecting our space in the ecosystem.

We grew up eating, utilizing and respecting the land.

Our combined education is Animal and Poultry Science, Biology and a graduate

degree in Cancer Biology. Our paths initially crossed while on that educational plight.

It is also where we discovered our mutual love of farming.

After working for BioTech companies like Monsanto, we

realize that we must take full control of what we want to put in our bodies.

Not solely because of the health benefits but our connection to the Creator only ripens.

We wanted to provide for our children what our forefathers provided for us;

compassion for the environment, respect for our bodies and minds,

work ethics, resolve, an understanding that we will leave this world so

leave it on good terms, take care of the less fortunate, and grow with your community.

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